Tailored Advertising Solutions

Expandify offers advertising options to suit all of your franchising needs.

Franchising System

Expandify offers advertising options to suit all of your franchising needs. Whether you want a national campaign, or just a few states, or even an international expansion, our experienced team can help you.


Capture qualified leads using our landing pages, surveys forms, calendars, inbound phone system & more!

 Nurture & Automate

Automatically message leads via SMS, emails, FB Messenger & more!


Collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!

Steps to Successful Franchising
Automated with Expandify

Expandify, Expandify Marketing, Franchise Marketing

Lead Staging

Targeted paid advertising  - to capture potential franchisee information. By understanding your target audience, we optimize ads for maximum reach and conversions, ensuring a steady influx of new qualified interested candidates.

Application Submission - As soon as an interested party submits a the application on your website, our system springs into action. They're instantly recognized as a "New Franchising Lead".


Immediate Outreach - With lightning-speed SMS and email notifications, you can ensure the potential investor is engaged right from the start. If your sales rep doesn't get a response, our automated follow-ups take charge, sending strategic reminders via email and SMS.

The Initial Zoom Call - After establishing contact, the lead enters the "Step 1" phase – a Zoom call. This call plays a pivotal role in gauging the seriousness and fit of the potential franchisee.

Expandify, Expandify Marketing, Franchise Marketing
Expandify, Expandify Marketing, Franchise Marketing

Sealing the Deal

Legalities and Paperwork - Moving on to "Step 2," we automate the sending of the FDD. The system then keenly observes for the lead's signature, ensuring no detail is missed.

Preparing for Launch - Once the FDD is in place, a dedicated phone call is scheduled. This call enlightens the candidate about the launch process, giving them a clear roadmap of what lies ahead.

Sealing the Deal - With the green signal from both parties, the candidate receives an acceptance letter. They then sign the franchise agreement, officially becoming a part of the franchise network.