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All Dogs Unleashed

This case study underscores our company ' s vital role in utilizing social media advertising campaigns to identify and attract potential franchisees for All Dogs Unleashed' s expansion into Florida.

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Pet Services (Dog Training and Boarding)

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Expand the franchise into the Florida market

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Identifying suitable franchisees, establishing a presence in a new region, and ensuring the successful launch of new franchises.

Our Approach

  • Market Research: Conducted thorough market research to assess the pet services market in Florida, including demographics, business opportunities, and competitor analysis. Identified key growth areas and potential franchisee hotspots within the state.
  • Social Media Strategy: Collaborated closely with All Dogs Unleashed to create a customized social media advertising strategy focused on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Designed a strategy that targeted potential franchisees with strong liquid capital.
  • Content Creation: Produced engaging and informative content tailored to attract and engage potential franchisees interested in business development opportunities. Utilized high-quality visuals, infographics, and persuasive ad copy to highlight the benefits of joining the All Dogs Unleashed franchise network.
  • Ad Campaigns for Franchisee Recruitment: Executed highly targeted ad campaigns aimed at attracting potential franchisees to explore business opportunities with All Dogs Unleashed. Employed geotargeting and demographic segmentation to ensure ad content reached individuals interested in franchise ownership in Florida.
  • Lead Nurturing via CRM: Implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to efficiently track and manage franchisee leads generated through social media advertising campaigns. Developed lead nurturing workflows within the CRM to qualify potential franchisees, facilitating their progression through the franchise development pipeline.


Social media advertising campaigns successfully generated a pool of qualified franchisee leads interested in bringing All Dogs Unleashed to Florida.
The CRM system streamlined lead management and allowed for effective lead nurturing.
Together, we contributed to the successful opening of new All Dogs Unleashed franchises in Orlando, Florida.

This case study underscores our company's vital role in utilizing social media advertising campaigns to identify and attract potential franchisees for All
Dogs Unleashed's expansion into Florida. By focusing on lead generation and efficient lead nurturing processes, we significantly contributed to the franchise's successful entry into a new geographic region.

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